Posted on Jan 30, 2019

Komfort Heating & Cooling Inc

Winter Weather Wind Chill Warning is in effect today as temperature reach -25 F and windchill dropping below -50 F. We are expecting a lot of furnaces to fail today due to these cold temperatures. If you find yourself in a situation where your furnace stops working, please check for a few of the following simple solutions:
Dirty Filter? A dirty, clogged filter will prevent proper air flow. It should be replaced regularly.
Blank Thermostat? Many thermostats have batteries which will need to be changed.
Ice and Snow plugged PVC venting? Your furnace needs air from the outside. If your intake or exhaust gets filled with ice or snow it will stop working. Clear the blockage.
After attempting each/any of these solutions, power cycle (turn off, wait a minute, turn back on) your equipment to reset the system. If you are encountering different problems or these solutions do not work please do not hesitate or wait to call us! We will take care of everyone as quickly as possible!
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